Friday, 7 December 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

Un petit blog post.

Another little side trip, this time to Arles.

It really seems like this area of France is littered, littered we tell you, with huge Roman buildings. Here we are at another arena. The town of Arles is currently in the process of restoring their arena - although they still use it currently for bull-fights and concerts. One quarter of the outside of the arena is near-newly sparking cream. One side is covered in scaffolding and the other 50 percent is greyish, rounded rock (but still looking quite structurally sound.

This shot of one of the main entrances also has the tower reno down by those crazy medieval guys.

Making your way through the town is quite easy - thanks to several types of visual guides laid out as a walking tour of the town.

1) These classic marble ones laid into the pavement and cobblestones lead the way on the Roman ruin walk through Arles.

2) These newer signs are found on the sides of historically important buildings (causing you to pause and LOOK! at interesting sites you might otherwise zip by).

3) And for the modern touch....full LCD screens with French and English. Most with write-ups about the buildings they are located on or historic features of nearby architecture (and the odd one with advertising).

Et tu Bill Gates?

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