Friday, 26 October 2012

Beer (la biére) in France

Having spent time in England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany and Austria I (Brad) was curious about what I would find in France for quality(?) beer... So I certainly did a bit of searching to find beer in our new home of Uzés as well as the nearby cities.

And these are some examples of what I found...

When we arrived in France, we headed over to the Ikea in Avignon to buy a few things for our apartment, and lo and behold, there it was: Ikea beer! It tasted pretty good and it actually came with its own Allen key to pop off the lid. Okay, I made up that last part.

However, Cassie discovered, in our own home town, a real and true brewery! While they only have a few different brews at a time, they do seem to change up their products on a regular basis and offer up seasonal brews from time to time. Below is a photo of the Christmas beer; very tasty! For those of you who appreciate a good microbrew, think of it like Driftwood Brewery in Victoria. The other bonus of having a local brewer is that they set up for the weekly market in the town square!

Since my quest (helped out by Cassie) concluded so quickly, I thought I would include a couple more photos of beer from around here...

Stella Artois is blazing a trail of new innovation here. They've introduced a new type of bottle cap that I think will really catch on in North America! Who would've thought caps could "twist off"!

And of course there is the ever popular Duff Beer which is pretty much available through all of Western Europe... I guess that demonstrates the 'influence' that the Simpsons has, even over here.

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