Friday, 26 October 2012

Over the Hill and Yonder

We really have a wonderful view of the great outdoors from our apartment here in Uzés and we have taken advantage of the warm, sunny weather to get out beyond the city walls. Outdoor recreation is huge here, with detailed maps showing hiking and mountain bike routes all around our town and the neighbouring villages. So off for a hike we went.

After crossing through the park where the aqueduct began, we followed the signs (and the advice of a local man named Jacques) up the hillside opposite the town. Not only are the trails marked on the maps, they are also well-marked while out on the trails. Okay, so that isn't so earth-shattering, but two things stood out different from home. First, people can hike on these trails from town to town to town, and the markers tell you how far away the next town is. Second, and perhaps more important, these trails are also used for mountain biking. How about that, the towns encourage mountain biking.

Here is the view back to Uzés from the hillside. If you squint, you can see out apartment. Good luck...

Miscellaneous things we saw on our hike...

Totally gnarled tree roots, growing over top of the old Roman aqueduct foundation.

Our friend the Praying Mantis. Almost didn't see her(?) on the trail and side stepped at the last minute.

A very nice holly bush... with acorns!!??

The Table d'Orientation. Set on the top of the hill in 1969, it shows a 360 degree view of the countryside and villages one can see from there. Also interesting and cool is the fact that it is (was) one large piece of hand-painted pottery.

On a clear day, we could see Mt Ventoux off in the distant. It's that hump in the back of the photo. More on Ventoux later...

...but we'll drive there...

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