Saturday, 3 November 2012

The name is Bear...Gummie Bear.

And yet another blog about food shopping.....but this time, only for the sweets.

The town of Uzès is home to one of the Haribo factories. Hari-who, you say? Haribo, a German candy company and creator of the gummie bear - those little guys date back to 1922! If you bike by the factory (which we have) you can smell the sugar in the air. Not only is the factory located here, there is an attached Musée de Bonbon (Museum of Candy!). Athough we knew our cultural experiences would suffer, we skipped the museum and headed directly to the boutique (aka, the big candy store).

You are welcomed to the site by the Haribo bear, so of course we had to stop for a picture.

Brad opted to stand with his favourite candy.....Mr. Licorice

And we were quite serious about this being essentially a grocery store selling only candy. The entire store is bubblegum pink and there are four cashiers to check your purchases through at the end.

Once inside it's a cornucopia of sugary snacks and treats. As we mentioned before, these guys invented the gummy bear, so there's no shortage of them here. Including ones in size XL. I'm sure this would see someone through an entire sitting of The Hobbit.

Buying in bulk here is the obvious draw for many. You name the candy, it comes in a 5kg package. Seriously.....

We opted to get the regular sized bags of candy and not finance our respective dentists' boat purchases.




  1. Oh mygod..if I'd known..I'd have made the trip..Was there any chocolate coated ones? See Clayton has discovered his love! Molly & me

  2. Nah, no choco-coated ones - otherwise our entire bags would be filled with them to bring home.

  3. Love gummie bears. And the bellyaches from eating too many are well worth it. Hey Csssie, love your jeans. Are they new? Where did you buy the? You look fantastic!

    1. Our favourites are the orangina sour candies (although Brad did have a bag of licorice he loved too). Bought the jeans in Paris in July - thank goodness too - didn't pack any long pants when we left, so I've been living in these.