Friday, 9 November 2012

We drove the Grand Canyon... of France: Les Gorges du Verdon

So there we were, sitting in the Marseille Starbucks on a state holiday (All Saints Day) at 9am, wondering what we would do for the remainder of the day... "Ever heard of the Grand Canyon of France?" asks Brad.

Since Marseille wasn't looking too 'open' today, we finished our coffee, paid for our parking and hit the road!

After about an hour of toll-highway driving, we entered the eastern boundaries of the canyon, driving on what became an amazing, twisty two lane road. It seemed like we almost had the road all to ourselves... which is good because it is damn narrow when even two small cars are passing.
Here's Cassie at the first lookout as we entered into the actual Gorges du Verdon. Translation: canyon of the green river.

After oohing and ahhing at the lookout we travelled a bit further to see and drive over the pont du Chaulière which is 600 feet above the river below. According to Wikipedia (and we know and trust it for its truth) people bungy jump from the centre of the span. We didn't see anyone jumping on this day.

Amongst tunnels carved into the mountainside, we were able to stop and take a closer look. It was also a great time to take a photo of our rental car in "a really exotic location". I think it turned out really well. Go iPhone photography!

Photos do not do justice to actually being here, but hopefully this one gives an idea of what an incredible sight the canyon actually is...

If you look carefully at the upper left hand corner, you can make out the lake in the distance. This is actually the largest man-made reservoir in France, called Lac Sainte Croix.

Finally, as we drove the length of the gorge, we realized that there is another road which is cut out of the other side of the canyon, leading to farms and small villages. In this photo, you can just make out the line of the road cut into the mountainside.
Overall, it was a fabulous drive home from Marseille on a really warm and beautiful November day.

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  1. Wow talk about splendor,Grand Canyon in green instead of red..that bridge looks very suspiciously like the one in Skyfall where Bond takes a dive!Molly and me