Friday, 31 August 2012

London goes high tech

We've seen a couple of great high-tech gadgets here in London. The first is a great combination garbage/recycle can and mini-billboard.

The crystal clear screens on the sides of these cans show stock prices, headlines, weather reports, coming events and tube line updates.

On one outing to catch a flick, we ended up at the giant Westfield Mall (sister mall to the brand new one connected to Olympic Park).

The mall itself, aside from being gargantuan (in downtown London!), is your regular mall. A balance of yuppie Banana Republics, sprinkled with Build-a-Bears and topped off with some Gucci for good measure. The food court was a step up from KFC and Opa! though - hot meat pies, Vietnamese noodle soups and fresh sushi. And to really elavate the dining experience - real china and metal forks/spoons for the food. It was great not feeling like you're eating with Barbie's picnic set.

And while you're noshing - why not have your smartphone/mp3 charged securely, for free? These towers were scattered thoughout the area.

Simple choose an available spot, plug in your device and lock it up to charge.

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