Saturday, 4 August 2012

Putting the "Oh!" in Olympics

And back into London we come.

The Olympics are now in full swing and we were able to get tickets to some of the events. While watching rowing, equestrian or tennis was out of the question as they were long ago sold out, we hummed and hawed about various sports to consider.

We finally settled on disciplines with the smallest outfits worn by the atheletes - so off to beach volleyball and waterpolo it was!

Our waterpolo session included two matches - one involving Great Britain (Team GB as they are known here). The sound in the venue was absolutely deafening during the match.
In addition to going deaf, I almost drained the battery on the iPhone taking pictures....but really, with more six packs than a liquor store....

And then more washboards on display. You quickly forget about the funny hats....

Once the game gets down to brass tacks though, it's a killer sport to watch (and play). Very fast moving with many penalty-worthy moves (whether they get caught by the referee is another matter altogether). The players aren't allowed to touch the bottom or the sides of the pool - so they're swimming for the entire game.

The most battered player has to be the center man, who's parked in front of the goal (and the goalkeeper) a la Todd Bertuzzi/Alex Burrows. He probably spends 25% of the time being held underwater (but once play moves to the other end, he'll be doing the holding).

And we couldn't even see what was happening under water - but you had to assume some leg-dirty work as suddenly it looked like a player was part of a Jaws movie.

And then from poolside to beachside.

The hottest ticket at these Olympic games has been the beach volleyball. And everyone knows it's for the outfits, or lack there of for the woman's teams.

How small were the outfits you ask?

Well, the titillating beach volleyball dancers (show in two lines, facing each other) have more modest outfits than the players (in the blue bikinis to the right of the dancers)...

And the next question that's popped into your head - "they have titillating dancers at the volleyball venue?".

Yes Virginia, they do.

Much like a basketball game, at even the slightest break in play, either rock music gets blared or the dancers come running out to perform short routines:

The men's outfits weren't as revealing as the women's. But what they lacked in skin-flashing, the made up for with bravado. And as a bonus - we got to watch the Canadian men play! Just to confuse us - they're the ones in blue.

And if there was any doubt that there were Canadian fans in the crowd...

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