Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Ace Cafe

Our visit to the Ace Cafe.

If you are a "petrol head" of any sort, you will definitely find yourself drawn to the Ace Cafe in northern London for a visit. Not only is the cafe a daily hangout for motor bike riders, but each evening features a show and shine for a certain brand or genre of bikes or cars... So we went on the MG Midget and Austin-Healy Sprite night!

We arrived a little early, sat down to eat dinner and watched all of the cars roll into the cafe's parking lot. Not only was it the Spridget night, but other classic cars (and an old British tank) were also arriving.

Here's a shot of the parking lot once it began to fill up.

Sebring Sprite: this is a car we've never seen before. It is an Austin Healy Sebring Sprite, which is essentially a Bug Eye Sprite with custom coupe bodywork, originally created as a racing model. This may be a replica, based on one of the few originals.

This is an example of a really clean, custom Mini Cooper, set up for road rallying.

In a world of Cobra replicas, this is the real thing! It is an early, small block Ford version, and is absolutely impeccable.

...and, indeed, a fully street-legal 'tank' was there too. Okay, maybe it isn't a true tank, but it sure was cool!

All in all, it was a really great evening spent at the Ace Cafe!

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