Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Farewell London

Our time in London is now at an end.

We wanted to pretend like we lived here and for the most part we did. Maybe not like regular residents - but how normally can you live in a world-renowned-tourist-Mecca-that's hosting the Olympics?

The greatest part of our time here was, well, the amount of time. We never felt rushed to run from site to site. It was wonderful to have time to relax - especially Sundays when we'd pick up the two-inch thick paper, cups of tea and really READ the paper. We had time to walk from neighbourhood to neighbourhood (usually in search of some restaurant for Cassie) and really understand the layout of London. On our previous trip we'd pop out of the tube stations, like prairie dogs, and explore just a small area. This time, strolls from one area to another lead to fun little surprises (fooseball table bar) and chance opportunities (portrait display in the otherwise inaccessible Canada House).

Even everyday happenings were great to be a part of. Like daily newspapers being given out at all the tube station entrances. The 'news' part was a stretch - but still, something to pass the tube-ride time. The enormous stacks of these papers beside all the stations was amazing - with men beside each pile, handing them out to all passing by.

And after work drinks. Proper.

The scenes of suited business men and women crowded around pubs after work was an incredible one. And we mean crowded, as in spilling onto the streets in most cases. And not just Friday nights - it seemed almost any evening was fine to blow off work steam on.

There's just something great about asking "shall we grab a drink" and having your workmates follow:

This is a town we love and we will be back. Yes, even with two months here, there are still things left to see. But maybe subconsciously, one does that...then you have a reason to come back. No regrets about our time here though, except maybe missing our tour guide. But he planted the seed and with or without directions, we were up for the adventure - and everyday felt like one.

Cheerio London, see you again in a few years.

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