Friday, 28 September 2012

Yet more dazzling Tuscan sites

We spent one afternoon away from the cute town of Siena to visit another nearby cute town. To be honest, you can't throw an olive pit without hitting at least three medieval, walled cities. And leading up to them - tall, slender cedar trees creating the effect of evergreen fence posts. It's just so....Tuscan! I'm sure car bingo here doesn't include olive tree or grape vine as the game would be over before pulling out of the drive way.

San Gimignano is a small medieval walled city dating back to the 10th century (the village actually started centuries before that). The town was once dotted with seventy-two (!) towers, but economic decline, a nasty bout of the Black Death and wars have reduced the number to 14 (which is still amazing).

We strolled through the town (actually up and down, because the streets, like Siena, undulate) and paused to admire the main square, Piazza del Duomo. When the band came through.

Yes, marching band.

Not sure if this is a daily tourist show or if the municipal band just felt like stretching their legs and getting some sun in the square - either way, most everyone was surprised and delighted by the impromptu show. And Cassie being someone who's schlepped an instrument through European streets and squawk away on a clarinet, well, it brought back some fun memories.

And finally a food note. Beside the Duomo (church) there was a small market set-up. Only three stalls, some produce, bread and these guys:

Even in a tiny town like San Gimignano, these Italians know how to 'sandwich' tiny portions of pork roast's the whole beast, baby.


  1. Now that's a food truck that should be on The Food Network. Did you have a sandwich? Was it incredible? Did they serve wine?

    1. Nah, we weren't in lunch mode yet - but it totally reminded me of the porchetta sandwich from Meat & Bread in Vancouver.