Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stonehenge and Woodhenge?

When in England, we made sure to visit Stonehenge! Much like any major tourist sight, you have to hit it early - so we left London at 8am and arrived to Stonehenge BEFORE the tourist busses. We left the monument just as the first ones were pulling into the parking lot...

Upon exiting Stonehenge, we promptly drove to the nearby Woodhenge! We're not kidding, there was a wooden version of Stonehenge about a mile away. We beat the tour busses here, too...


  1. So, did you stand there in disbelief, scratching your head wondering how this happened. Or did you look into the sky at a galaxy far far away and wonder ...
    Were you allowed to touch the rocks?

    1. Nah, no touching allowed - heck, you couldn't even get close enough to them to BREATH on them. The pathway is a safe distance away (and you're politely asked to stay on it....but it would have been exciting seeing someone jump the 8" high rope and get tackled by security).