Friday, 13 July 2012

Those baby blues

Spent the afternoon at the Barbican, a convention facility, art gallery and community centre all rolled into one (very similar architecture style to UVic's Centre). They were exhibiting a tribute to 007 - The 50th Anniversary of Bond. Incredible displays with film footage, dresses/tuxedoes, gadgets, film props, scripts and, yes, a 1962 Aston.

But the most memorable and sought after wardrobe piece:

(please note I also shot wide enough for Ursula's bikini as well, for those not interested in the blue trunks.....)

And another entry in the, boy we're not in Kansas anymore....don't know if Cadbury is looking for a new Mars bar flavour:

....really, completely unrelated to the blue trunks.

But seeing as how we're making subconscious connections, let's throw this in:

Thinking of you DW.

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