Wednesday, 18 July 2012

E.T. phone home

A great shot of of Big Ben....well, in the background of this cute little miniature phone booth version. This is a fundraiser for the UK Child Find. The times on the clock are 8:00 and 11:11, which together is the phone number for Child Find. Tiny people are painted on the top including Lady Gaga, Becks and Kate & Wills:

Two more booths in Picadilly Square (among the throngs of people). A giant wind-up one and a very 1980's neon yellow one:

And a two for one set of the booths in Covent Gardens. Some feisty little gargoyles in between the two (creating a T....for Telephone - the title of this one):

Another one bursting with flowers at Spitalfields market....

But perhaps our favorite of this bunch, and so very British - a tea cozy one. And yes, the entire phone booth is covered in a knitted cozy. His background told of the larger cozy-covered population, whose numbers were dwindling with the increased cell phone usage...very cute:

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