Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Eagle has landed...or whatever Bond would say.

Flashback about twenty months: "have you ever thought about living somewhere else?". Seed planted, plan hatched, however you want to put it - the idea was out there. Flashforward now, and we're writing down our thoughts and random musings from London. Our jobs are another six months away.

If Brad's July has always been Saturday and August, Sunday, I'm not sure what you'd compare this to (the world's longest, long-weekend perhaps?) I've said it's my non-maternity-maternity-leave (but maybe retirement-dry-run is better).

Travel to the land of Jubilees and Olympics was smooth - "exit row seat?" yes please! "UK passport holders to this non-existent line-up?" sign me up! First flash of my UK passport - and boy, was it worth it. We were out into the baggage pick-up faster than you can say "boy, 6 months worth of shampoo weighs a ton".

And now to dodge this jet lag....

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