Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cars of South Kensington

Brad here:
Yay, I finally pulled the iPad out of Cassie's hands and get to write about, of course, cars. South Kensington and the neighbouring Chelsea make up probably the most expensive postal code in all of Britain. I won't bore you with real estate prices, but the local newspaper stated that a two bedroom flat in this area would require close to a $400 000 per year income! So, as cars go, well, Porsches and Mercedes are quite boring...

Near our flat is the only gas station for blocks. Line ups are massive most hours of the day, but I managed to pull out the camera to take this photo. I'm not really a Lamborghini expert, but the starting price for this car would be somewhere close to $300 000. Note the license plate is actually from a Middle Eastern country...

Ultimately, we are within three blocks of the local Lamborghini, Maserati and as pictured below, the Ferrari dealer. Amazing.

A quick word on license plates: when a new car is purchased, the plate states, in some sort of code, where the car was purchased, the year of the car and then random letters and numbers. So a new license plate has seven letters/numbers in some sort of combination. For example: LN 62 R6T.
HOWEVER, and there is always a however, people may buy and sell their plates to other people. Since there are no "vanity" plates, random combinations may make up something interesting. For instance, we saw a Honda CRV that had a plate the the letters CRV... It might has cost that person a few hundred Pounds to buy that plate.
BUT, there is also the idea that early license plates, with only a few characters, are even more desirable... Hence the gold Bentley below.

By the way, the purchase price of that license plate is likely worth way more than the car itself! Car: $250 000. License plate: $300 000!!!!!

So if you happen to own a 3 digit British license registration, you may indeed be able to put a down payment on a South Kensington flat.

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