Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Borough Market (Granville on steroids)

And being members of the foodie nation....we made a pilgramige to the Borough Market.
So we checked the lay of the land:

And then some of the offerings....
Paella for the masses...including fresh seafood from the fish mongers stall who ran the stall:

And we stopped dead in our tracks when we saw this pile of grated cheese and ready-to-grill sandwiches:

The other offering at this stall, Kappacasein, was raclette-on-request. The half rounds of Ogleshield are positioned under the slim heaters where they melt, brown and are scraped onto a waiting plate of happy, happy, little potatoes, served with spicy gherkins:

We felt the duty to try what looked to be an amazing grilled cheese sandwich....Montgomery cheddar, leeks, garlic and red onions grilled between sourdough. Sooooo good, it was torture waiting until we'd snapped this photo:

And to remind us that we're still in Britian - the drink of choice to stroll the market with is Pimm's....or maybe a glass of this is civilized market shopping.

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