Monday, 30 July 2012

Harrod's who?

And now for some shopping, Parisian style. Giant departments stores are not the sole property of London, Paris has some incredible show stoppers as well.

We were able to make it to two of them.

First up, Galeries Lafayette, whose centre atrium looks like it should host operas, not sell socks. We can't even fit it in in one shot:

And a scene that makes you wonder why we ever got rid of the Woodward's food floor at Mayfair mall. You can't want for anything down here.

Freshly carved prosciutto for your appetizer platter?

Or perhaps some Indian spices for tonight's dinner?

Or maybe you're putting on an Asian spread - here's your dimsum checkpoint:

And if the basement food hall gets a little boring, you can catch the lift to the roof for a stunning (and free!) view of Paris:

And immediately beside the Galeries, is Printemps.
Another stunning building with a grand rotunda room, this one is the setting for their formal restaurant (with one heck of an enormous globe light!):

Oh, and another stunning deck. Nothing like having this sort of views while sipping your cafe:

Incredible stores, from top to bottom.

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