Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Shop til you drop

Shopping in London is endless here.

From the super cheap and convenient (H&M stores, three, repeat three of them on Oxford street - because you don't want to walk more than three blocks for a £2 top). Actually everything is in multiples on this High Street of all High Streets I lost count of the Boots pharmacies....they outnumbered the Starbucks for sure.

But one store that doesn't need multiple locations is Harrods. One of the top department stores in London. The service is top notch, the selection is enormous and the prices, well you are paying for the previous two points. Much of the store is filled with looky-loos (a.k.a. the general population, the 99%, or the great unwashed as they are called here in the UK).

If you don't want to get crushed in the store while picking up your caviar and aren't able to send the staff into town, they do deliver:

There are several other exclusive shops around town as well and they certainly take care of you....and your purchases, even if you are hoofing it to the tube - wouldn't want the purchases, or the bag, getting wet:

But London is also a great place for second hand clothes (or vintage as they're called - although we saw much 1980's wear, oh my goodness, we must be vintage). All decades are represented, including copious amounts of tweed outfits and 20's & 30's era clothes. And then the piece de la resistance at one store:

We're just that famous. Next we'll see a Can Tire touque.....

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  1. Cool commentary! Brrr, rain, wellies...
    Keep having fun.